7-12 Yaş Seviye Tespit Sınavı

    Choose the correct answer

    My name ___________(1) John Blair. I am seven ___________(2) .I am a
    ________(3) at Colombia Elementary in New York. I like going to school. There
    _____________(4) many students at my school. I have a very big dog and it is my friend.
    ________(5) name is Kuki.

    Choose the correct answer:
    Dear Stephanie,
    I ________________(53) to get your e-mail yesterday. I thought you ________________ (54) me! It’s wonderful that you ________________(55) to come to Chicago for Christmas. My parents ________________(56) to meet you .
    Nothing exciting ________________(57) to me since the last time I________________(58) to you. I was very busy last week. I had lots of exams. Luckily, I passed all of them and I am free now. Chicago is very cold at the moment. In fact, it ________________(59) now. I hope it ________________(60) nice while you are here, so we can go out shopping.
    See you soon, Love Janet

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